How to Find the Best Hotel Deals Online

Are you searching for hotel deals and discounts? If so it can be tough to find the best prices available for a particular location or hotel. There’s some good news! The Internet has made the process easier than ever. There are various ways to find a rock-bottom price whether you’re traveling to another region in your country or to the other side of the world. Here are some helpful tips:

1. Corner Room
This might be surprising since there probably doesn’t seem anything special about a corner room over others. The main benefit is you can usually get more value. That’s because corner rooms typically have a square footage even though you pay the same price. If you want to upgrade to a corner room, it’s a good idea to be as discrete as possible to avoid other guests trying to challenge you for the same rooms.

2. Business hotels
This might be surprising since they might sound more expensive than standard hotels. What’s the deal? These hotels can provide some super deals and particularly in certain regions of the world like Europe. These hotels tend to be slower on the weekends and during the summer when there are fewer business travelers. That results in lower prices that you can enjoy even if you’re not traveling on business.

3. Cancellation Period
When you book a hotel room, you can sometimes ironically find a better price if you make your reservation at the 11th hour. How is that possible? The cancellation period is usually 24-48 hours before your stay. During that time you can typically find hotel rooms at lower rates, which is a plus if you want to save money.

4. Evening Check-Ins
If you want to get an upgrade, then it’s highly advisable to consider checking in closer to closing time. Why is this a good time? If you want to get an upgrade, this is one of the best times to do that. That’s the time hotels have a better sense of how close to capacity they are so they’ll be more likely to offer you an upgrade if it’s available.

5. Hotel/Flight Booking
One way to save money is to bundle your booking for your hotel and flight. This can sometimes help you to save money. Make sure to search the Internet for such bundles since there are several available and you’ll want to find the cheapest ones. It’s also a matter of convenience since you won’t have to make two separate bookings.

6. Loyalty Programs
These programs have been around for decades, but they’re more popular than ever. These are available through hotels directly and third-party booking sites. There are various perks like getting a free night if you book ten nights, for example. It’s important to shop around to find the best loyalty programs since they can offer a wide variety of perks.

7. Direct Hotel Reservations
Experts recommend making your reservation directly with a hotel. The exception would be when you can find a better deal through an online aggregator site, for example. However, when you call the hotel directly, you can still increase your chance of getting an upgrade. This is especially true if you’re a regular guest at the hotel. In that case, you can develop a relationship with the hotel staff, and there’s a good chance they’ll offer you a discount since you’re a regular customer. There’s the old saying that 80% of a company’s sales are from 20% of its customers.

These are some of the many ways you can find the best hotel deals. Why not try one or all of them to get the best price possible. How low can you go?